Kakuyasu Uchiide the International Artistic Director of Shu Uemura for Mega Magazine

My first photoshoot for Mega is really something. I was never the person who fancies celebrities and that is the reason why I never gave into the thought of going into TV and Productions. But I was really stunned to meet the guest make-up Artist for our Beauty Well page.

Mr. Kakuyasu Uchiide, International Artistic Director of Shu Uemura

It feels as if Shu Uemura has a spot in my heart, my first interview for my first internship was with 2006 Shu Uemura Make-Up Head Xeng Zulueta

(Read it!)

Shu Uemura's commitment to skin is really something, Mr. Kakuyasu maintained the base of the face light and dewy. He treats the face as a canvas raw and pure he tries to accentuate the eyes in an intricate manner. Being careful to not add to much product. Here on Jody he remakes the classice 60's doe eyed look.

Even Ms. Max gets a turn at the Fan background!

The photoshoot was a "Well Page" or a whole page spread for the July 2013 issue of MEGA Magazine, with Photographer Milo Sogueco, and Hair by Ogie Rayel for Kiehl's.

<3 MissCelineous

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