Happiness is a State of Mind

I've been staring at my wallpaper for quite sometime,
I wanted self help and so the first thing I did was to clean my laptop's desktop and change my Wallpaper, funny how such simple efforts do good to one's well being.

I was never a fan of pink yet growing up I realized its calming effect. How it soothes you with its frailty and meekness

Happiness is a State of Mind

A person once told me, "be happy" but I just can't. I haven't forgiven myself fully. I have done a string of mistakes. Consciously I have caused the people I love pain.

Someone once told me I was "worth it" now someone is telling me its not worth trying. Funny how Karma comes back in such manner, yet I know I haven't fully paid the price of what I have done and that there is more to come.  

Forgiveness is not an easy thing. But it is a prerequisite to moving on. 
I haven't had my fair share of it, not even an ample.
Do people deserve to be forgiven? If so does it imply that others don't?
Forgiveness is a divine act, only God could truly forgive
We are meek mortals who condemn
Forgiveness is a very hard thing to earn

So will your world simply stop?
Will you let yourself live in the pit you've thrown yourself in?
Can you ever be happy?

Happiness is a State of Mind
Tell yourself to be happy and slowly you shall
Its okay, everything will be fine, in time
No one can take it away from you. 
so Smile
Its worth a shot than frowning all day.

Start over, its time.

(c)Michelle Phan

I've watched this video and despite the fact that I wasn't a fan of self-help stuff that I would rather sulk I figured out it was worth a shot.

it is true, ONLY TIME CAN TELL.
Yet doing something to get you through is better than waiting for yourself to move one



The Kryxzia Jimenez Collection


This is Kryxzia Jimenez's first Collection

Kryxzia (She has such a peculiar name but I love it!) is a student of Fashion in CSB
Well I was referred to her by someone, so yeah that's how we met!

 Each piece was painstakingly made by Kryxzia, the colors and the style mirror the current trend on Nudes and Neutrals

She's a lovely girl, when I first met her, I was really enchanted by how cute she was. Her style and all the colors she had, made her really stand out.

And what is most peculiar about her is that, she doesn't maintain a Facebook account. With the emergence of Social Media finally I met someone my age who is in disbelief of such communication system. Don't get me wrong she's not backward or anything. She just doesn't like it!
She's fashionable, creative, talented, quirky and really one of a kind,
and her designs really ooze attitude.


Kryxzia Jimenez:

<3 MissCelineous


What's in this Summer 2013

Fashion Spring/ Summer 2013

My Prelims are coming, yet I cannot get myself off checking the latest fashion and trends over the net.
I am so inlove with S/S printed trends, and since summer is coming, to incorporate them in lovely summery clothes and swimsuits are to love <3

(c) Dolce & Gabbana Women Summer 2013

(c) Pinterest

Don't you just love Tribal Printed Swimsuits?

(c) Alice + Olivia. S/S 2014 Vogue

If you're the conservative type The belted prissy dress is yours for 2013

Make Up

Dare to: The Blue Liner
The Simplest thing you could to eyes that spell Avant-Garde. Its easy, an edgy yet safe look for summer
(c) Celebrity Red Carpet

Care for: A Moisturized Pout  
The Summer heat can take away all the moisture in your lips. The best way to avoid chapped lips is to opt for a lip shine or shimmer, it gives color and moisture. I love Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer, its Burt's Bees so you'd know its all natural, plus its minty so it soothes chapped lips. Maybelline also released its color whisper series of pigmented lip gels, something really new since we're used with lippies made of waxes or oils.  

(c) Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Cherry
(c) Maybelline: Color Whisper in Petal Rebel



Hacienderas del sol: A Farm Photoshoot


I'm not really good at posting things on the internet, I never appreciated twitter until i figured I could link it to my Facebook to update my posts here on blogger (before I learned bloglovin') 
And so most of my photos are stuck on my laptop.
Here's my first wave on the photoshoots I've collaborated with other people


Prelim output of my friend London, for his Photog Class.
This was shot in front of our house and the concept was two gypsy girls, when I post processed the photos
I realized how the title of "Hacienderas" would be most fitting for me and Diana. Haha.

Will be posting more photos soon!

<3 missCelineous 

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