Catching Up: What Happened the past Months

remember how I posted about being active this year, I meant in school. Well I really was active in so many organizations here are some of the few things I did, that I'm really proud of

(L-R 1st row): Tomcat Circle of Talents, CFAD Photoshoot, Markstrat Presentor, BrodQuest Presentor
(L-R 2nd row) Kleptospirosis: Musical Comedy(lead actress), FreeCut: Tomcat TV Production(talent)
(L-R last Rows) Miss Red Carpet, (below)ABSC Staffer, Miss Saigon Adaptation: Make-Up Head, CFAD Photoshoot, (below) Kariton Painting

Being a sophomore in my course allowed me to join so many organization because of its easy schedule. 7am-11am and 7am-1pm (its like hey! highschool). In the end opening my world to different kinds of people with varied interest diverted my attention and set my priorities into other fields. Theater and performing was something I left back when I was a toddler. Starring as lead was life-changing. I met so many people, learned so many lessons. Now its March and looking back with what I have done..... I must say be I'd liar to say I never regretted anything. I regretted so much but with regret I learned, was hurt a little but I learned.

So a tip for those who are active in their extra curricular activities. Though as cliche as it seems, prioritize your studies. Take my experience as the deterrent example. Having several organizations (Mediartrix(theater), DEKADA(Political Party), ABSC Board Committee, AB Football, Chronicle(Course Publication), Tomcat(University TV and Radio)) jammed up with the responsibilities and demands of each organization = me neglecting my studies. In the end I realized that yes, I have learned a lot outside, many of which will my blockmates never experience. But I was sent to school to study. THIS SHOULD BE THE PRIORITY. Extra curricular activities are always there. Make the grade, to make the mark. That's all I can say.


after 10 months of idleness, here comes a NEW POST

Yes I know here I go again, promising to blog about everything that's happening in my life. But apparently as my professor in biology and natural science told me: "You're good Celine, intelligent in fact. Your just not diligent enough" -Olivar who gave me tres for his two subjects because I couldn't wake up in the morning to come to his class. Yeah yeah I know right I'm really not a good student, IN THE MORNING.

Well.. can I blame myself? I don't even post updates through twitter and it takes me about two to three days to reply to a mention. I've been with twitter quite long enough and I only have 124 posts. Surprisingly I have quite a number of followers, I don't even know why.


 There are so many purpose for how a blog will work in your life, doesn't mean you can't update it now and then you can't have a blog. A blog simply is a personal journal published on the world wide web. Its a portmanteau for "Web Log". And as for me my blog will serve its purpose as an online not-so-up to date diary that will keep track of what I have done for the months just in case the social networking sites where I uploaded them fails.(e.g: Friendster = is now a gaming app. MY PICTURES, MY HORRIBLE EL TERRIBLE LITRATOS, the memoir of my high school years all gone into internet oblivion, bye bye ugly highschool oily faces too!)

And the four blogs I manage happen to do the same purpose as well. But for those who have successfully launched their blogs as portal for events and products they cover "I SALUTE THEM" they're just so awesome in keeping track with what they are doing.


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