Preview of Spoken Herb (the Philippine Coachella)

P3 always has a heart for independent artist. Music, graphic and digital artist all jammed for a night of authentic independent music. From Electra to jazz. Me and my co-interns had this rare chance of having them perform live in Collab’s Space. It was a great experience!

Check out his profile on P-3: http://www.p-3.ph/view/1310
Graffiti meets technology with Dean Africa. A graduate of Fine Arts from UP Diliman he uses cutting edge projectors to display his art in public places.

Check out their profile on P-3: http://www.p-3.ph/view/1312
These Guys came all the way from Japan to give authentic Jamaican Reggae to the Philippines. They bring music ranging from Bob Marley to Papa U-gee to local Filipino Reggae. They immersed themselves to our culture, living in the urban streets of Manila, seeing the similarities of the Philippines to Jamaica, the climate, the people and the music.

Takashi giving us a sample
Takashi and Tatsuki of Big Answer Sound
 They use turntables and vynil record. NOT CDs!! so Awesome!!!

Check out his profile on P-3: http://www.p-3.ph/view/1272
 Jorge plays with Frequencies to create music that not only resonates to the ears but to the human soul.


Check out their profile on P-3: http://www.p-3.ph/view/1311

 A mixture of Imagination, instrumental music and digital music all rolled into one the Watch Tower's music ranges from beats, hiphop and jazz.


Check out their profile on P-3: http://www.p-3.ph/view/1317
Auspicious Family create/Produce their music on a DJ set up(with the help Ableton Live software). Creating ethnic jazz music inspired by nature and meditative music. Must admit, I love ot only their music but style as well

If you want to experience more of Indie Art and Music:

Spoken Herb is an annual music festival of Indie Artist.

JUNE 2, 2012

at Sarten Cafe
(c) Spoken Herb Facebook Account

For more inquiries:

Xeng Zulueta

It is our age’s dream to work in the fabulous field of fashion. For someone who’s been in the business for about 13 years, beautifying magazine covers and fashion editorials through her skills in make-up, Xeng Zulueta is without a doubt a pro in the field of Fashion Cosmetics.

First Photo (c) xengzulueta.com, Second Photo (c) jtsalazar.weddingannouncer.com, Magazine Photo Array (c) xengzulueta.com

Xeng Zulueta, a name once affiliated to the Cosmetic brand Shu Uemura being its Make-Up head for the Philippines in 2002, made a name for her own. Now a clothing brand manager[the swimsuit brand Wanderlust] and  sought after professional make-up artist, Xeng is a master of her craft. An artist, a true-free spirited woman.

Ms. Bea purposely covered since the Mag is not yet on the market (sorry!)

I met a petite, predominantly Asian looking, and fresh from the holiday tanned lady when she was the make-up artist for a magazine  shoot. Carrying a large bag with all her make-up stuff she headed doing the model’s make up as we casually conversed. Wearing minimal make-up who would ever think that this lady is responsible for the beautiful faces we see in magazines. Her “work look” is simple, comfortable pretty much contrasting her work field which was the glamorous photo shoots of different magazines.

What was your calling, and how did you end up working in the field of make-up?
There was no corporate Calling. I just saw that this field (make-up) is predominantly a male profession, so it’s a male dominated profession in a woman’s world. Men had these jobs, which I believe women will excel in too. I enrolled (with my own savings) in a make-up school in London 12 years ago… So basically that’s how I end up doing this.

What was your family’s take in you entering the field?
                My family’s more of the business type, finance and stuff. And they were like “MAKE-UP ARTIST?” you could say I was the odd one out. I was in design and retail when I decided I wanted to study make-up so I sent myself to study overseas, paid for my own expenses and all.

What’s your take in Filipina make-up?
                Filipina make up? Oh, no two filipina’s look alike. Just take in account all the Ms. Universe from different countries, they all look alike. Put in Ms. China from the 60’s to today, they look alike. The Ms. Venezualas from the 60’s to today, the features are the same. Chinese, Caucasian and what falls in between. The challenge is “What Filipina beauty truly means”, be flexible as a make-up artist, what applies to one may not apply for all. And of course embrace the skin you’re in.

(c) pegeant,com/universe (c) missuniverse.com

So what is the Filipina beauty for you?
                Well for me, it’s Globally flexibleadaptable and it really changed from what it was 30 or 20 years ago.

As a Make-up artist you should…?
                Well of course, know your stuff. It is a make-up artist sole responsibility to make your clients look well, look good. If your model, for example, has very bad skin, it’s your job to make them look better, you’re paid for that.

What are the perks you get from being a make-up Artist?
                Well it’s a very mobile job; I get to travel a lot. Different shoots different places.

What’s your take in the beauty Industry?
                I don’t really foresee, or take myself too seriously. My job may take time, reaches a lot of people but a job is a job, you can’t take your job into another life form. Yes, there are days that I go beyond my job description but I learned to cut myself from it, the same feeling I get with the beauty industry, you really have to have a sense of humor. Wouldn’t last 13 years if I didn’t have a sense of humor, without it the industry wouldn't pull you back [or be wanting for you]. Because I believe there are things only you can do. Establish yourself in a certain way.

Any advice for those who want to enter this field of make-up?
                Don’t get into it. It may sound so negative but it’s the best advice I can give. There are so many people wanting to get into this job and I’m telling you, it’s not as glamorous as it may seem. And the senior make-up artists, who are a lot more experienced are still here and they will be in this field for the next 10 to 20 years I guess? So that my advice.

What’s your take on Cosmetic Surgery?
                As I mentioned, everyone is entitled to their own definition of beauty. If they think that undergoing cosmetic procedure to achieve that nose or whatever will beautify them, then that’s it. I’m very open to these kinds of things, everybody is entitled to their own perspectives of beauty[Though I have never tried going under any invasive procedures]

What do you see in the youth in today’s Industry?
                Well I’m seeing a new breed of Slashers. Photographer/ Stylist/ model or Stylist/Model/ Make-up Artist.  Well you have to be creative, because life is tough and you have to make money. The thing is kids nowadays don’t know what they want. Today it’s about marketing yourself  and being creative with your titles.

So after 13 years in the business how did your family see your success in the field you ventured in?
                Being the only “Artist” in the family, well I guess I must say. I had the last laugh.

My internship in P3 allowed me to meet new personalities who I take life experience from. I must say, the experience thought me a lot and I will always be thankful for the opportunity.

Check out Xeng Zulueta's Blog: http://xengzulueta.com/
For Make Up Question and Inquiries go to the pro: @xengzulueta



My Make-up Experience

Being the Make-Up head for Miss Saigon sure is a blessing for me. I never thought I could be good in anything.

The Chorus, April and Miru

Eunice as Kim

Kevin as Engineer

Unice as Kim

Ainzley as Ellen

(c) Photo Credits to Aaron Protomartir

I must say, I love studying the human face. To put in scrutiny its features and the job of making it beautiful.

Some of my work after Miss Saigon:

Eunice's Graduation

Fashion Photography workshop with Geo Esguerra, Stylist and Blogger Arnie Villanueva
Model: Jay  

<3 MissCelineous

Cigarettes burned by the breeze

The oceans are calling
A lost girl is trying
To feed out her sentiments.
A cigarette swiftly burns by the breeze.

You ain’t puffin’ if you ain’t coughin’
Seeing her matchstick slowly dying
She starts her story before it drizzles in the east
A cigarette swiftly burns by the breeze

We loved this place, -truly
But there’s nothing here, -I know
But barren wasteland of hopes and dreams
Cigarettes burned by the breeze

                It wasn’t the first time I puffed a cigarette but, it was the first time I puffed it like a pro. My cousin was surprise. First timers sure are hustlers, puffin’ ain’t stopping. But don’t get me wrong. I never loathed people who cigar but I never thought I would too someday. I’m not a chain smoker and I don’t long for it. I was above 18 when I did this. *such a good girl* but by then, by our favourite long coast of Rizal beach, I felt the need. To be of same ground with her, to feel how she felt. It was a one little way to do so. She was a nice girl and still is. I just don’t know what happened. I left Sorsogon, never came back ti’ll four years later and here she is, like a person I don’t know. NO. Like a person I know so well, like…
                Are there any regrets in smoking? Definitely not, though the purpose is to be in my cousin’s crowd (well I am the only female who doesn’t smoke in my dad’s side of the family). YOLO. Haha. Everything is about moderation. And if you ask me, I still would say I don’t smoke, J

What theater taught me.


                I was never the type of person who would work hard for something ti’ll the end. Not because life was easy for me but due to the fact that it’s already hard. So why make it harder? A happy go-lucky with a giddy personality, I am often light-headed and I never take things seriously. I may seem to be all so serious but trust me. My brain looks like this:

                And so theatre thought me what my parents unsuccessfully instilled in me, what my teachers constantly remind to have, and what my friends think I am missing.

                That is of course Discipline

Warm Up. 6am Calltime for for 4 shows. Whew.
               For discipline comes from determination, comes from will, comes from inspiration. They say a musician must at least practice 10,000 hours to be a master of their craft. I may not have spent 10,000 hours in theatre but it showed me how discipline will bring you closer to your dreams
Gerard Serador and I 
                Discipline over talent. Talent without discipline is arrogance. Discipline without talent is determination. But having both will truly make you excel in your craft. People always say, you can never be the best in what you do. Someone else in this world is always greater than you. That is the line of a non-dreamer. One must know that the greatest people who ever lived did not solely rely on their talent. They dreamed, they had “it”, they persevered. And became exemplary to human kind.

Warm Up for first day of show, hey Celine do your warm up
                Discipline is an act of love. It is brought by passion. If you really want something, if you really love something. You will persevere for it. And it applies for human relationships too. Every relationship has to have some sort of discipline in it, don’t take it literally. I didn’t mean that you have to bounded by rules. Discipline is an attitude towards something. Like being consistent for example, being consistent in a relationship is a sign of being genuine.

Taong Grasa, Me, Mj and MM. Albertus Magnus Backstage


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