How was summer so far?

(c) Celine Duran. Mt. Bulusan Caldera. In this photo: My brother
Subic Beach, Sorsogon. In this photo: Celine Duran
(c)Celine Duran. Palogtoc Spring. Ultra Cold Spring. In this photo: Gerby Duran
(c)Celine Duran. Barcelona Church, Sorsogon

(c)Celine Duran. Barcelona Ruins, Sorsogon City. In this photo: Kyla Mae Agnes

(c)Celine Duran. Sirangan Beach Resort, Bacon, Sorsogon. The view from my window

(c)Celine Duran. Paguriran Beach Sorsogon
Paguriran Beach. In this photo: Celine Duran

(c)Celine Duran. A beach with a view, the Mayon Volcano

(c)Celine Duran. Rizal Beach Sorsogon City by Sunset

Rizal Beach Sorsogon City  by Sunset. In this Photo: Kyla Mae Agnes & Celine Duran



  1. Wonderful photos. I stumbled upon your blog while I was researching about Sirangan Beach Resort. Subic Beach looks fantastic! I've been to Paguriran last January and it was a nice beach as well... going to the islet was fun. :)

  2. nice photos! saw this while searching for subic beach photos. from what spot did you took that photo of bulusan crater? thanks!

    james, www.journeyingjames.com

    1. Just along the road, i think its the road going to irosin(?)


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