Definition of Forever

(c) Celine Duran. Rizal Beach, Sorsogon City.

Forever isn't something endless. For endlessness do not exist. At some point something must end. It is nature's way. Even the universe, which is known to be boundless is continuously expanding making it "endless" but at some point it must stop expanding as a child stops growing, and I don't know if we still exist to witness that day, so we must not think it is endless just because we can't see the end of it.

To me forever has something to do with time

Forever is something uncharted by time. It may be a moment, a day, an hour, a minute or just a glimpse of something so emotionally strong it captivates you for the rest of your life. Something that goes beyond the moment it really happened. Something you can never forget until the rest of your life, or until memory permits you to have it. 

Forever is neither long or short. A kiss, a hug, three words spoken, eleven minutes or so, for one to be called Forever it must remain in the memory, of anyone or anything. Therefore only the heart decides what is forever, or to be more scientific the limbic system in the brain responsible for emotion and your hippocampus, which is also in the brain, is responsible for retaining it. 

It means that everyone has their own definition of forever. What's yours?

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