MEGA Covershoot with Ms. Regine Velasquez Alcasid

The MEGA COVERSHOOT with Ms. Regine

for the MEGA Magzine June 2013 issue

Covershoot are one of the biggest monthly events of any Magazine. There's the big names, big labels, different locations and weather conditions, big crew and bigger crowd passing by.

But we must say and our colleagues agree, Ms. Regine is one of the most hassle free and funny celebrities you can get for a covershoot.

Trying to catch the sun for the shoot

Mr. Suki Salvador trying to show how its done and Ms. regine with the "eh" expression

Our Haggarda fqaces next to her makes us more uglier than ever
(c) Mega Magazine June 2013 Issue

MEGA Beauty Rulebook

 The MEGA Beauty Rulebook

gives a deeper feature of the products, styling and technique of what is seen in the runways or trends.

Here's how the photoshoot with Olga (I like to call her "Olga ze Russian girl") went.

So you think that's just ice cream? Nah its Lush body lotion in strawberry. Well we had to make use of what's there haha.
(c) MEGA Magazine



NARS International Make-up Artist Sada Ito

Our next photoshoot featured NARS' Fall 2013 collection, with 
NARS International Make-up Artist Sada Ito
It was released in MEGA's August 2013 Issue

The looks involve dewy skin, plain finish and defined brows with NARS Radiant Cream Concealer in Vanilla and NARS Radiant Cream Compact in Siberia and Nars Brow Perfecter in Salzbourg. The best seller Albatross Highlighter was used to accentuate areas like cheekbones and the chin. the barely there lips was made possible by NARS Velvet Matte Lip pencil Paimpol

NARS 2013 Fall collection revolves on natural colors, bringing the best out of your features. Focusing on the canvas, the face, and its commitment to skincare comes the NARS skin multi-action hydrating toner, Optimal brightening concentrate serum, Aquagel Luminous oil-free moisturizer and Total replenishing eye cream. All NARS skincare products were used on Petra and Olivia

(c) Photo Courtesy of Ms. Max Ignacio's Instagram: maxignacio0219
Olivia's second look: NARS Single eyeshadow in Bavaria, Single eyeshadow in Bengali, Stylo eyeliner in carpates, Pencil liner in Black moon, Blush in Sin and Peloponnese lip color.

<3 MissCelineous


with MEG Fashion Editor Rain Degala and Assistant Fashion Editor Portia Ladrido

the Beauty pages of a fashion Magazine wont require a whole month in the making. With good time management a month's issue can be finished in a week and future articles can be done beforehand. I wont totally call our internship hectic, but a fun and worthwhile experience, especially when we became kinda like "Universal Interns" hopping from one magazine to another, looking for people who might need our help, or sometimes annoy with the "how can we help you".

So we had a little stint with MEGA Magazine's Younger Counterpart Meg Magazine with Fashion Editor, the hilariously creative Rainier Dagala and Meg Assistant Fashion Editor budding and passionate Portia Ladrido.

(L-R) Rein, me, co-intern Krizelle So and Portia
Fashion and Beauty may go hand in hand but the tricks of the trade are always different. Its best to learn it from practice and Rein and Portia gave us a good glimpse of it. 

Our first lessons involves fashion pullouts from brands, which involves going out picking clothes at Malls. (Seriously isn't this the best interenship?)



 / A jargon used in fashion which means items(usually clothing) borrowed for a photoshoot 

for the purpose of advertising the brand / 

Rain trying to put it together
Rain showing us how it's done

Pull outs need some carin' or you'll end up going payin' so for shoes we put tape or sanitary napkins so the soles won't get ruined

Jasmine Maierhofer makes it look so easy

Now you see how studio 100 really feels like
Being lowkey but comfy, that's how Ms. Portia is, she's a whole production on her own

<3 MissCelineous

Kakuyasu Uchiide the International Artistic Director of Shu Uemura for Mega Magazine

My first photoshoot for Mega is really something. I was never the person who fancies celebrities and that is the reason why I never gave into the thought of going into TV and Productions. But I was really stunned to meet the guest make-up Artist for our Beauty Well page.

Mr. Kakuyasu Uchiide, International Artistic Director of Shu Uemura

It feels as if Shu Uemura has a spot in my heart, my first interview for my first internship was with 2006 Shu Uemura Make-Up Head Xeng Zulueta

(Read it!)

Shu Uemura's commitment to skin is really something, Mr. Kakuyasu maintained the base of the face light and dewy. He treats the face as a canvas raw and pure he tries to accentuate the eyes in an intricate manner. Being careful to not add to much product. Here on Jody he remakes the classice 60's doe eyed look.

Even Ms. Max gets a turn at the Fan background!

The photoshoot was a "Well Page" or a whole page spread for the July 2013 issue of MEGA Magazine, with Photographer Milo Sogueco, and Hair by Ogie Rayel for Kiehl's.

<3 MissCelineous

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