Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Marco and I wanted an escapade this summer, we scouted places for our trip. I wanted to head north since I already live in the South(Bicol). Well we wanted a short trip to beach, Batangas is just so gasgas so we headed to Bataan.

Two idiots, I meant two first time backpackers made reservations in a Heritage Hotel in Bataan. They didn't know how to go there, they've never been there. NO CAR. just Google Maps.

So here it goes
      Hooray to us! WE GOT THERE SAFE!
How to go there: 
An hour and a half ferry boat ride from Manila bay(behind PICC) will bring you to Bataan, once at the port ride a bus that says "Balanga" once there ask around and you'll see another bus that will bring you to "Bagac" ask the bus driver to drop you where Las Casas is, once there ride a tricycle. AND YOU'RE SO AWESOME CAUSE YOU MANAGED TO ARRIVE! 
Commuting time: will take around 4 hours or less. 

(c) Celine Duran. This is Paseo de Escolta, The Hotel Complex where we stayed
 There are many rooms to choose from deluxe, executive suites to houses--- Yes, its like Old Filipino Mansions for rent. We stayed at Paseo de Escolta a reconstructed building from the once famed streets of Escolta. The Interiors of the place is exquisite, bathrooms are very large with separate shower and tub. Beds adorned with Bed curtains or whatever you call the white thingy that makes it impossible to watch TV. There's a mini fridge and a large closet.

Bagac, Bataan Philippines.

If you want a Cultural and Heritage Getaway without the long drive to Vigan this 400-hectare Heritage Resort is for you. There are about twenty 18th to 20th Century houses (trust me you'll see more being constructed). 

(c) Celine Duran. The one one defocused at the back is Casa San Miguel. (front) Casa Vyzantina  : the first few Heritage Houses that will greet you

(c) Celine Duran. The One on the left is a convenience store and a souvenir shop
(c) Celine Duran. The facade of Paseo de Escolta
(c) Celine Duran. Casa Quiapo: The First UP Building. You'll see the 1st UP Seal beside it
(c) Celine Duran. The place also has an awesome old bridge. More houses are being constructed at the other side
(c) Celine Duran. The riversside of the breakwater
(c) Celine Duran. View from the other side of the breakwater. Those houses are at the main island of the resort
(c) Celine Duran. The pool (4ft)

ITS A WINDOW, not a painting by the wall. 
(c) Celine Duran. Casa Binan. The house of Jose Rizal's Mom

There's a farm and Ifugao Houses being reconstructed.
(c) Marco Morales. PHOTOBOMB LVL: Celine. 

The Food:

There are two restaurants serving traditional Filipino and Spanish delicacies. The menu is great, a meal for 3 would cost around php 600 per order, rice php 40. A good price for very good food, live music and traditional Filipino dances being shown while you feast.

The Ammenities:
Its a Genesis Resort means its not yet finished, there are so many development taking place. But I advice you go before its even fisnished(it might take 20 years or more to populate a 400 hectare resort haha). Rooms are large, spacious and elegant. Water(faucet) is very good. Casas that are rented out for events are very spacious and exquisite. The pool though is quite small and shallow but there's a beach in front of you so... The beach is black sand(I'm used with the white sands of the south but it doesn't make the place any less) since it has a very VERY long shoreline, has a life guard, beach volley ball, tiki huts, and of course the deep waters and strong currents beaches in the north are known for.

Some Awesome things:

  • Horses and Karwahe which you can ride
  • Staff in traditional Filipino Clothing
  • Gigantic Sculptures and Fountains
  • Museums and Galleries housing A LOT of old Filipino Paintings and furniture
  • Animals. two parrots and a lot of Chickens grown backyard. Trust me these Chickens aren't just ordinary Chickens. They're chickens with a SWAG. They're cochin chickens, who's feathers look like they're wearing flared pants


Thank you Marco Morales. I had a very great adventure :)

What you'll be wondering:
How on earth did the resort owner make this. He's a construction Genius(Mr. Acuzar) building almost 24/7. Creating not just a resort but a community with a self-sustaining environment.

VERDICT: 10/10 + 100 if that GIGANTIC TEMPLE OF ZEUS (I think, well it looks like) get finished.


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