Clone Stamp 2013 Planner

While the rest of the Philippines is busy drinking 17 cups of coffee (9 christmas beverage + 8 core beverages) to score that socio-corporate responsibility planner.

here's my:

My Clone Stamp Planner! See I love Aztec even my pajammies are Aztec print <3

I was never a Planner-type-of-girl. I never-ever had a planner or an Agenda.
Its just not my thing
And face it, having a planner is very useful for a college student, more than reminding you what to do, it keeps track of what you have done. A great help when you're trying to recall something. 

So I've decided, 2013 is a New Year
Let bygones be bygones, I never planned anything in my life and maybe this time I should. 
and to help me with my life*ehem*planning is...

...an awesome stocks are limited, no caffeine added planner!

I've been eyeing Clone Stamp since 2012 with their lomo planner

Ohhh the lovely Lomo planner I missed.

So when they posted their 2013 planner I was so happy seeing this year's cover is Aztec and Owl. I just love Aztec, really and it may seem over the top to see me coming in class in an Aztec bag, Aztec Nails and now AN AZTEC PLANNER! Yay! 

The Planner is 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Its not very and is almost the size of a normal notebook, so its tacky and easy to bring. 
Its hardbound and its matte. SWEET.

The hardbound matte cover

It comes with a free Feather bookmark, colors of which you can choose. Obviously i picked Pink, Because pink is pretty!!!! hahaha

The lovely Feather bookmark

And since this year theme is Aztec and Animals, the pages are adorned with Aztec prints and cutesy doodle animal illustrations. Aaaahhh... I really will be inspired writing on my new planner <3

Every month has a different animal illustration

For more info on how to get yourself this lovely thing:




I got NAKED, again

Well its the season of giving
But there's no other greater feeling
than receiving something
And for this special Season, someone made me feel more special
by giving the best gift a girl can receive

MAKE UP!!!!!


Thank you Edric Ching for getting in trouble looking for an Urban Decay Naked1 Palette within that very short time. Hahaha!

Urban Decay Naked (1) unlike the Naked 2, The Naked (1)  comes from a velvety box. 

If you ask me which one is better, Naked(1) or 2 I'd say: BOTH!
Naked(1) has more yellowish undertone shades but I'd say I really really really miss the
URBAN DECAY NAKED 2 Shadow and Crease brush!
I've been looking for great crease brushes (I'll post a review on them) yet nothing compares to the Crease brush from UD's Naked2 palette
UD Naked2 comes with a lipgloss while Naked(1) comes with a Primer Potion

Urban Decay 
Eyeshadow Primer Potion

About the Primer Potion:
I've been using primers for my face on occasions that I know I'll sweat or when I need to make it last for a day, I'm telling you. Nothing makes your Eye Make-up stick on your face like UD's Eyeshadow Primer Potion. It prevents it from creasing or caking in the folds of your eyes. Also my eyeliner usually goes of when I curl my lashes since I curl them very near the lid, but when I used this Primer Potion it keeps my Eyeshadow and Eyeliner in place. Also you don't need a lot of the product to make your shadows last :-) 

The UD Naked Palette: No flash(L-R) Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half-baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep,  Gunmetal

UD Naked Swatches: No flash(L-R) Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half-baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep,  Gunmetal

The UD Naked Palette: With Flash 

The UD Naked Palette: With Flash (L-R) Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half-baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep,  Gunmetal

The Palette goes from light to dark and you'll find yourself using this neutral shade as base for your eyes. Perfect for Pinup looks and for brightening the eyes

A highly pigmented glittery shade with a yellowish undertone, You'll find yourself using this shade for, highlighting or even as base with its subtle glitter.

UD's innovation on eyecolor. The Naked Shade is a highly pigmented matte shade that fits any skin color no matter the race. I'm Asian and if you check my skin swatches above you'll see how the Naked shade blends into my skin. Its great as base and for that no-make up look(Apply as base and  use a darker matte shade like Buck for the crease)

A highly pigmented glittery sandy shade. Best for highlighting and base to highlight the eyes and make it bigger. Use as base for a dinner party and use a very dark shade like Creep to give attention to the eyes

Buck is another UD innovation. The highly pigmented matte Nude shade is perfect for making the perfect crease. Perfect for pin-up looks and the no make-up look. You can also use this shade for contouring the nose and eyes. Use it with a crease brush to create a soft noseline and the deepen the eyesocket. 

Half Baked:
A highly pigmented glittery gold eyeshadow perfect for any occasion. Use as base to brighten your eyes or a highlighter in any way you use it it'll give your face justice

Smog is highly pigmented and glittery in a yellowish-olive undertone. Great as base or for deepening the crease, its not very dark so it gives your eyes a depth without making it too smokey. 

Darkhorse is will give you smokey eyes sans the black eyeshadow. It is highly pigmented, glittered in an olive undertone. Use it for the crease for a subtle smokey eyes, use it as base for a fuller smokey look. 

Toasted is a highly pigment glittered shade in purple undertone. Use it with Half baked for a neutral brown eyeshadow

Hustle is a darker pigment not-so-glittered shade in purple undertone. Use as crease or base for that added edge.

The Mother of pimented blacks. Will help you make the best Smokey eyes.

Gunmetal is a highly pigment not-so-glittered shade in Silver-Gray bluish undertone, it gives you a Chrome look. Great as base for smokey eyes!

But what about DUPES?

Ofcourse there are so many UD Naked Alternative

Nyx has Nude on Nude Palette:

The Nyx Palette has so 20 Neutral Colors I've used it and if you compare to UD's Naked, its not pigmented. It has the tendency to be chalky and needs a primer at all times or else you'll see your eyeshadow messed on your cheeks, also the colors are not really that strong and too powdery.

e.l.f also has Beauty Book Neutral Eye Edition

The Thing about e.l.f is that its a perfect dupe, its got 12 colors in the same arrangement only on a 4x3 grid (UD could sue them haha!). But its like Nyx, it is not pigmented. Therefore you have to swipe the color seven times to get what UD can give you in one, also it hardly stays a day without a primer. 

Dupes will really help you "get the look" and save money, but for someone who loves make up, The UD Naked Palette is still an investment worth every penny. 

I don't have a lot of palettes, I'm not that much into bright eye colors. I just don't believe in being able to use those 99-colors eye shadow palette. I prefer neutral, nude shades.  The Naked palette is probably the best Neutral palette you can buy yourself for everyday make-up. Though it really is kinda pricey, but its the price of 12-all year you can use shades. No shade goes to waste unlike other palettes where other colors go to waste. Mix match with any combination for depth and you'll never go wrong.



Nail Art Brush Set

For an effective Nail Art Experience its is essential to buy yourself a set of Nail Art Brush Set. But you can go function without them and even improvise with your make-up brushes. Most Nail Colors, like Sally Hansen comes with Nail art stripping brush and are also available in pens. But for those who wish all their colors to be utilized the Nail Art way, Buy yourself Nail Art brushes, they're cheap and easily available.

So I  went to Landmark looking for some Nail Art stuff when I decided to ask the Saleslady if they had any Nail-Art brushes which I know are only available at 168, Luckily they do! The brand says BK and is located near the kiosk where you can buy empty cosmetic bottles. They cost about php 199 its a good price thinking the hassle it would cost you to go to Divisoria, sans traffic, sans dyahe-of-the-crowd.

BK Nail Art Brush Set

1. For an Airbrush effect: Can be used to streak colors on the Nails

2. Fan Brush Striped Nail Art: Use different colors for a striped effect.
3. Paint Daubs: Use different colors like streak paint daubs

1. The Angled head helps create intricate lines
2. Can be used to remove unwanted nail polish in the cuticles simply by dipping it in acetone. 

1. Made to draw intricate designs
2. My Most Used Brush
3. An eyeliner brush from a make-up brush set could double this, of all brushes I'd probably buy two or more of this for efficient Nail Art.

1. To paint wide lines
2. To paint Flat surface
3. Also known as a shading brush great for backgrounds and drawing large images. 

1. Used to make dots on the nails.
2. Can be used to place glitter details and other nail art details.
3. Make your own dotting tool by pinning a regular pin at the end of a pencil eraser!

Another good buy would probably a set of STRIPPING BRUSH. These are three thin brushes of increasing length, its the same as those Nail Colors that come with Nail Art brushes.



Trend: Crazy about Nail Art

I am crazy about Nail Art

Eversince the start of the semester, I've been doing nailart on myself and my friends. Despite the growing number of available cheap nail decal prints, this new hobby is really getting into me, If only I had the time to change my nails everyday I would, but yeah. hahaha...

I wasn't able to put tutorial photos for these but will sure make for the others!

My Aztec Nail Art: Easy Aztec
1. Color Base(Green, pointer finger: Orange), make two different horizontal line (White and orange)
2. Use a liquid eyeliner for the details (WORKS the BEST!)

Cath Kidston Nail: Kinda Paintasking for the right hand.
1. Learn how to create a rose first. There are many tutorials of making Rose prints on nails   http://pinterest.com/pin/154529830934963476/
 Make dabs of pink using your normal nail polish brush, then add darker lines of detail with a thin brush (an eyeliner brush would work) and another of lighter lines of detail
2. Cath Kidston is all about pastels so just choose your colors and you'll get the look.

Black Snowflakes with Tip: I wanted a simple ensemble for the Holidays, something that would work well on any dress.

1. Use a liquid eyeliner, It dries faster and can make smaller details. That is if you don't have a nail art fountain pen.
2. Make coats of glittered top coat to make it "Frosted"

And here are my other some of my friend's Nail art which I did for them:

Ainzley's Phantom Nails: (L-R) Musical note, Piano, Rose, Chandelier and the Mask

Ainzley's Disney Princess: (L-R) Snow White, Belle, Jasmine, Cinderella and Aurora

I'll post some more when I get ze photos!

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