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I am crazy about Nail Art

Eversince the start of the semester, I've been doing nailart on myself and my friends. Despite the growing number of available cheap nail decal prints, this new hobby is really getting into me, If only I had the time to change my nails everyday I would, but yeah. hahaha...

I wasn't able to put tutorial photos for these but will sure make for the others!

My Aztec Nail Art: Easy Aztec
1. Color Base(Green, pointer finger: Orange), make two different horizontal line (White and orange)
2. Use a liquid eyeliner for the details (WORKS the BEST!)

Cath Kidston Nail: Kinda Paintasking for the right hand.
1. Learn how to create a rose first. There are many tutorials of making Rose prints on nails   http://pinterest.com/pin/154529830934963476/
 Make dabs of pink using your normal nail polish brush, then add darker lines of detail with a thin brush (an eyeliner brush would work) and another of lighter lines of detail
2. Cath Kidston is all about pastels so just choose your colors and you'll get the look.

Black Snowflakes with Tip: I wanted a simple ensemble for the Holidays, something that would work well on any dress.

1. Use a liquid eyeliner, It dries faster and can make smaller details. That is if you don't have a nail art fountain pen.
2. Make coats of glittered top coat to make it "Frosted"

And here are my other some of my friend's Nail art which I did for them:

Ainzley's Phantom Nails: (L-R) Musical note, Piano, Rose, Chandelier and the Mask

Ainzley's Disney Princess: (L-R) Snow White, Belle, Jasmine, Cinderella and Aurora

I'll post some more when I get ze photos!

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