My Halloween Nails

At 19 I think I'm a bit to old for traditional Trick or Treat'n. So let me express one of my favorite Season, through my FIRST EVER NAIL ART!!!! Yay, I'm really thinking of getting serious with this.

Black Kohl
Step 1: Upon applying and letting dry your choice of Base Coat
Apply a 2 layers of Black Nail Color. 

Thumb: Pumpkin, Pointer: Ghost, Middle: Pumpkin, Index: Web, Pinky: Pumpkin
Step 2: For the Pumpkin, apply an Orange on three (sorry for the green, skip that one it makes it look like oranges!)
For the Ghost, (white) use your lacquer brush
For the Web, I dipped my Eyeliner brush on White Lacquer to make the Lines

Step 3: Add the other Details using a tip brush (I'm using my eyeliner brush)
Pumpkin: Yellow eyes and Mouth
Ghost: Black for eyes and mouth
Web: highlight the holes using a tip brush

He's an Angry orange, I mean Pumpkin
Add the other details using a tip brush, like eyeballs for your pumpkin.

Voila! do it all again for the your right hand. AARRRRRGHHHHHH SO HARD. Hahaha.


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