The Phantom of the Opera Manila: A full experience of

 I've been waiting for this! Finally my turn to watch the Phantom of the Opera in Manila!

The Cast
We intentionally chose October 14, 2012 3pm, the last day of performance with the main cast. I really wanted to see Clair Lyon! Ainzley is just so infectious, haha! Im a fan  

 Of course digital Cameras weren't allowed inside the theater so these are all I got.

The production is really grand, Set changes happen smoothly and so fast, the play of lights is very great. Their voices, its so good, it almost feels recorded! And I love the way the play it with sound where Phantom's voice echos in different directions like its on 3D. 

The Costumes

These photos are also available in the Programme.

And since my lovely baby Ainzley has her connections, we decided to go and meet the cast at the stage door, we were there really early with other fans who really wanted to see the cast for the last time. 

(L-R) With Nikki, Ainzley, Me and Liv at the CCP Performer's Entrance. 

And then she came:

So Chic and Pretty!
 None other than Clair Lyon! My God this lady is a paragon of youth and beauty. She's so kind and easy-going. To those who are not fully aware of who she is, Clair plays as Christine  Daaé  in the  Phantom of the Opera World Tour, She also played the same role for the sequel "Love Never Dies". And what we watched was her last show. That kiss on the hand by Jonathan Roxmouth, The Phantom, was so tearfully epic!
Ms. Clair Lyon and Ainzley
Me and Ms. Clair Lyon (we could be best friends!) haha
Ms. Clair Lyon and Nikki

Ms. Clair Lyon signing autographs. I love her Aussie Accent

And Guess who went out to grab his lunch?

Jonathan Roxmouth entertaining a fan
Jonathan Roxmouth!

(L-R) Jonathan, Ainzley and I

 I swear, I was all stiff when he came out like a dashing prince, Can't believe he's the same man in the mask whose brains are almost out (Prosthesis). Everyone was so hyped giving gifts, having him sign, hugging and kissing him and when it was my turn. I simply went stiff and smiled! Why??? Haha. He went: (In a lovely British accent) Hi, hello, thank you and you are? Then I just went silent. Stunned!


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