Pelicula: 11th Spanish Film Festival

My lovely cousin Ate Kaye is now in Manila and she asked me to join her watch Pelikula: Pelicula the 11th Spanish Film Festival Manila at Greenbelt 3 Cinemas. 

Instituto Cervantes de Manila has been organizing the event for the past eleven years. And since ate Kaye is a former student of Cervantes, and a resident of Barcelona, Spain she really wanted to see films! And since my Spanish 101 exams will be up, of which I have no idea since I've been missing classes, I decided it is a great idea to back up my Spanish skills.

The movie Schedules

Our Movie Ballots

"I could have been better in the Life I didnt live."
-Lo Mejor de Eva, Dark Impulse

I must say I am really in awe of all these films, most dark and twisted yet it mimics reality. Realistic and subtle. It gives you more knowledge about life. Its dark nooks, its light foreshadowing of the truth, how day to day activities is a pattern for deeper truth. 

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