Got my ticket for the Phantom of the Opera Manila

I went home from a really tiring day and guess what welcomed me:


Yay thanks to my dorm mate and baby Ainzley who will watch it (again) to be with me!

Season extended until October 14, 2012 (from September  16, 2012), I wanted to watch to the last show of the Main Cast which is Claire Lyon as Christine. Her last show is October 14, 3pm. 

Phantom of the Opera South Africa
Claire as Christine anJonathan Roxmouth as the Phantom
CCP Manila

I'm getting the jitters just by hearing this!

And to those who haven't bought their tickets yet, Great news. Student's discount on Balcony 1 and 2, just bring your ID when you purchase! 

AdultPayday PromoStudent

Claire Lyon is the Sweetest!


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