Clone Stamp 2013 Planner

While the rest of the Philippines is busy drinking 17 cups of coffee (9 christmas beverage + 8 core beverages) to score that socio-corporate responsibility planner.

here's my:

My Clone Stamp Planner! See I love Aztec even my pajammies are Aztec print <3

I was never a Planner-type-of-girl. I never-ever had a planner or an Agenda.
Its just not my thing
And face it, having a planner is very useful for a college student, more than reminding you what to do, it keeps track of what you have done. A great help when you're trying to recall something. 

So I've decided, 2013 is a New Year
Let bygones be bygones, I never planned anything in my life and maybe this time I should. 
and to help me with my life*ehem*planning is...

...an awesome stocks are limited, no caffeine added planner!

I've been eyeing Clone Stamp since 2012 with their lomo planner

Ohhh the lovely Lomo planner I missed.

So when they posted their 2013 planner I was so happy seeing this year's cover is Aztec and Owl. I just love Aztec, really and it may seem over the top to see me coming in class in an Aztec bag, Aztec Nails and now AN AZTEC PLANNER! Yay! 

The Planner is 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Its not very and is almost the size of a normal notebook, so its tacky and easy to bring. 
Its hardbound and its matte. SWEET.

The hardbound matte cover

It comes with a free Feather bookmark, colors of which you can choose. Obviously i picked Pink, Because pink is pretty!!!! hahaha

The lovely Feather bookmark

And since this year theme is Aztec and Animals, the pages are adorned with Aztec prints and cutesy doodle animal illustrations. Aaaahhh... I really will be inspired writing on my new planner <3

Every month has a different animal illustration

For more info on how to get yourself this lovely thing:




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