Nail Art Brush Set

For an effective Nail Art Experience its is essential to buy yourself a set of Nail Art Brush Set. But you can go function without them and even improvise with your make-up brushes. Most Nail Colors, like Sally Hansen comes with Nail art stripping brush and are also available in pens. But for those who wish all their colors to be utilized the Nail Art way, Buy yourself Nail Art brushes, they're cheap and easily available.

So I  went to Landmark looking for some Nail Art stuff when I decided to ask the Saleslady if they had any Nail-Art brushes which I know are only available at 168, Luckily they do! The brand says BK and is located near the kiosk where you can buy empty cosmetic bottles. They cost about php 199 its a good price thinking the hassle it would cost you to go to Divisoria, sans traffic, sans dyahe-of-the-crowd.

BK Nail Art Brush Set

1. For an Airbrush effect: Can be used to streak colors on the Nails

2. Fan Brush Striped Nail Art: Use different colors for a striped effect.
3. Paint Daubs: Use different colors like streak paint daubs

1. The Angled head helps create intricate lines
2. Can be used to remove unwanted nail polish in the cuticles simply by dipping it in acetone. 

1. Made to draw intricate designs
2. My Most Used Brush
3. An eyeliner brush from a make-up brush set could double this, of all brushes I'd probably buy two or more of this for efficient Nail Art.

1. To paint wide lines
2. To paint Flat surface
3. Also known as a shading brush great for backgrounds and drawing large images. 

1. Used to make dots on the nails.
2. Can be used to place glitter details and other nail art details.
3. Make your own dotting tool by pinning a regular pin at the end of a pencil eraser!

Another good buy would probably a set of STRIPPING BRUSH. These are three thin brushes of increasing length, its the same as those Nail Colors that come with Nail Art brushes.


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