with MEG Fashion Editor Rain Degala and Assistant Fashion Editor Portia Ladrido

the Beauty pages of a fashion Magazine wont require a whole month in the making. With good time management a month's issue can be finished in a week and future articles can be done beforehand. I wont totally call our internship hectic, but a fun and worthwhile experience, especially when we became kinda like "Universal Interns" hopping from one magazine to another, looking for people who might need our help, or sometimes annoy with the "how can we help you".

So we had a little stint with MEGA Magazine's Younger Counterpart Meg Magazine with Fashion Editor, the hilariously creative Rainier Dagala and Meg Assistant Fashion Editor budding and passionate Portia Ladrido.

(L-R) Rein, me, co-intern Krizelle So and Portia
Fashion and Beauty may go hand in hand but the tricks of the trade are always different. Its best to learn it from practice and Rein and Portia gave us a good glimpse of it. 

Our first lessons involves fashion pullouts from brands, which involves going out picking clothes at Malls. (Seriously isn't this the best interenship?)



 / A jargon used in fashion which means items(usually clothing) borrowed for a photoshoot 

for the purpose of advertising the brand / 

Rain trying to put it together
Rain showing us how it's done

Pull outs need some carin' or you'll end up going payin' so for shoes we put tape or sanitary napkins so the soles won't get ruined

Jasmine Maierhofer makes it look so easy

Now you see how studio 100 really feels like
Being lowkey but comfy, that's how Ms. Portia is, she's a whole production on her own

<3 MissCelineous

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  1. it sounds like a pretty interesting!
    good luck!

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