The Beginning of Another Tale

A girl's life isn't a Cinderella Story. Nor does it begin with the lines "Once upon a time" and rarely does it end with a "Happily ever after".
So I have to begin my tale, over and over again. A love story left uncharted for years and years collecting dust waiting to be read for it to called written.
I've been racing, against time and never won. The track seems endless and I lost my sense of direction. There was no purpose only a battle against thirst and tire. Not even life was worth living, and breathing is a motor skill my body has learned yet not fully understand. When you lose your passion, you die. Your soul, its the point of you being human. Without it you are barren. Nothing, empty...
A year has passed and somehow I am regaining bits of what was lost within me. Slowly I am trying to glue pieces of a broken vase to form a new art.

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