First Day, First Sem, Sophomore YEAR.

Ms. Cates Avante(middle) With her board committee L-R Nikki Ore, Nate De Leon and Celine Duran

I got to love what I do to do it. Now its my second year in the Pontifical and Royal University of the Philippines University of Sto. Tomas I can't let my stay be all about the angst I feel for not going to my prospective University. ooohh Goood Celine Get over it. But the thing about is that it really loved me and I am learning to love it back. For some reason God made the stars align into some congruency to make my year a blast. So this sophomore year I'll be as active as I can be being part of these organization which I don't know how I end up being a member of:

(set by Priority)
DEKADA(Political Party)

Board Committee to  ABSC Auditor

Talent at the Thomasian Cable TV (TOMCAT)

Writer at the CASA Chronicle (Course Publication)

Faculty of Arts and Letters Football Team

College Student belonging to the Block 2-CA-Fiiive


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