Preview of Spoken Herb (the Philippine Coachella)

P3 always has a heart for independent artist. Music, graphic and digital artist all jammed for a night of authentic independent music. From Electra to jazz. Me and my co-interns had this rare chance of having them perform live in Collab’s Space. It was a great experience!

Check out his profile on P-3: http://www.p-3.ph/view/1310
Graffiti meets technology with Dean Africa. A graduate of Fine Arts from UP Diliman he uses cutting edge projectors to display his art in public places.

Check out their profile on P-3: http://www.p-3.ph/view/1312
These Guys came all the way from Japan to give authentic Jamaican Reggae to the Philippines. They bring music ranging from Bob Marley to Papa U-gee to local Filipino Reggae. They immersed themselves to our culture, living in the urban streets of Manila, seeing the similarities of the Philippines to Jamaica, the climate, the people and the music.

Takashi giving us a sample
Takashi and Tatsuki of Big Answer Sound
 They use turntables and vynil record. NOT CDs!! so Awesome!!!

Check out his profile on P-3: http://www.p-3.ph/view/1272
 Jorge plays with Frequencies to create music that not only resonates to the ears but to the human soul.


Check out their profile on P-3: http://www.p-3.ph/view/1311

 A mixture of Imagination, instrumental music and digital music all rolled into one the Watch Tower's music ranges from beats, hiphop and jazz.


Check out their profile on P-3: http://www.p-3.ph/view/1317
Auspicious Family create/Produce their music on a DJ set up(with the help Ableton Live software). Creating ethnic jazz music inspired by nature and meditative music. Must admit, I love ot only their music but style as well

If you want to experience more of Indie Art and Music:

Spoken Herb is an annual music festival of Indie Artist.

JUNE 2, 2012

at Sarten Cafe
(c) Spoken Herb Facebook Account

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