What theater taught me.


                I was never the type of person who would work hard for something ti’ll the end. Not because life was easy for me but due to the fact that it’s already hard. So why make it harder? A happy go-lucky with a giddy personality, I am often light-headed and I never take things seriously. I may seem to be all so serious but trust me. My brain looks like this:

                And so theatre thought me what my parents unsuccessfully instilled in me, what my teachers constantly remind to have, and what my friends think I am missing.

                That is of course Discipline

Warm Up. 6am Calltime for for 4 shows. Whew.
               For discipline comes from determination, comes from will, comes from inspiration. They say a musician must at least practice 10,000 hours to be a master of their craft. I may not have spent 10,000 hours in theatre but it showed me how discipline will bring you closer to your dreams
Gerard Serador and I 
                Discipline over talent. Talent without discipline is arrogance. Discipline without talent is determination. But having both will truly make you excel in your craft. People always say, you can never be the best in what you do. Someone else in this world is always greater than you. That is the line of a non-dreamer. One must know that the greatest people who ever lived did not solely rely on their talent. They dreamed, they had “it”, they persevered. And became exemplary to human kind.

Warm Up for first day of show, hey Celine do your warm up
                Discipline is an act of love. It is brought by passion. If you really want something, if you really love something. You will persevere for it. And it applies for human relationships too. Every relationship has to have some sort of discipline in it, don’t take it literally. I didn’t mean that you have to bounded by rules. Discipline is an attitude towards something. Like being consistent for example, being consistent in a relationship is a sign of being genuine.

Taong Grasa, Me, Mj and MM. Albertus Magnus Backstage



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