Cigarettes burned by the breeze

The oceans are calling
A lost girl is trying
To feed out her sentiments.
A cigarette swiftly burns by the breeze.

You ain’t puffin’ if you ain’t coughin’
Seeing her matchstick slowly dying
She starts her story before it drizzles in the east
A cigarette swiftly burns by the breeze

We loved this place, -truly
But there’s nothing here, -I know
But barren wasteland of hopes and dreams
Cigarettes burned by the breeze

                It wasn’t the first time I puffed a cigarette but, it was the first time I puffed it like a pro. My cousin was surprise. First timers sure are hustlers, puffin’ ain’t stopping. But don’t get me wrong. I never loathed people who cigar but I never thought I would too someday. I’m not a chain smoker and I don’t long for it. I was above 18 when I did this. *such a good girl* but by then, by our favourite long coast of Rizal beach, I felt the need. To be of same ground with her, to feel how she felt. It was a one little way to do so. She was a nice girl and still is. I just don’t know what happened. I left Sorsogon, never came back ti’ll four years later and here she is, like a person I don’t know. NO. Like a person I know so well, like…
                Are there any regrets in smoking? Definitely not, though the purpose is to be in my cousin’s crowd (well I am the only female who doesn’t smoke in my dad’s side of the family). YOLO. Haha. Everything is about moderation. And if you ask me, I still would say I don’t smoke, J

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