Basic Parts of a Beauty Editorial

I'm not much of a reader, okay, I'm just being honest and its a shame that I never read our part of the Magazine. I love looking at pictures, I'm a visual type of person LOL. 

And so I needed the basic education on parts of our Section.

{Anchor Art}

(c) Mega Magazine Beauty Rule Book Page. This Anchor Art is not a header type

Its that big Photo that could act like a header, place on top of a text heavy article. Its acts as the "Catchphrase"- well in this case "Catch-photo" that will stimulate the reader of some visual sort. Magazines usually get it from PR kits and Photos that has an editorial appeal

(c) Mega Magazine Beauty Awards May 2011

(c) Mega Magazine Beauty Editorial January 2011

{Well Pages}

Well these is a whole page spread, its equivalent is a Fashion Editorial. 

{Product Directory}

Since May is the Month for the "MEGA Beauty Awards", we're doing the Product Directory. As Ms. Max Ignacio, Mega Beauty Assistant told us. Its the one of the hardest things to do. You sit all day checking press releases for photos and prices, and they're rarely are they, so you call the PR Person, no they tell you to call the Department Store, You call the department Store, then you call the Manager then he'll direct you to the Product Manager then he tells you Product is unavailable in their branch or they discontinued selling it. #WhatASadStory



  1. Hi! I was wondering how you got your internship in MEGA? :) I plan to intern to but I'm scared!!

    1. Apply thru the careers@onemegagroup.com I think Ms. Fiona Arambulo is still the HR Head you can look for her company email address. Hint send your application on office hours, it increases the chance of getting a quick reply. Goodluck!


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