Okay here I go again, going on a long hiatus when summer begins and school comes after. My last post was:


Oh my was last post was 4 months ago! 

This is a shame since I'm really trying to be active on my online diary/ milestones in the making/ personal conceited space/ portfolio or in this case portfoolio

I guess its due to the fact that everything goes into my personal diary, which is my clone stamp planner circa this post: http://misscelineous.blogspot.com/2012/12/clone-stamp-2013-planner.html

Again, so much has happened. Numerous Photoshoots and Numerous Photoshop stuff. I'll be uploading everything as part of my Portfolio, This blog remains to be a personal shitload of my shit. Haha, I'm not venturing into anything despite the ad placings. Even though I haven't check in for 4 months I'm really glad my blog almost in its 10, 000 pageview. I really want to thank everyone who read/stumble upon/ view and visit my blog. Thank you for letting my life be part of your online boredom. *bows*

And so here it begins! Series of Posts, and Pictures

<3 MissCelineous

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