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Anyone who's into fashion would dream to work in a Magazine. As for me, who loves fashion and so many other things, I believe I should go for the internship where I will enjoy and be able to use my skills. Apparently fashion and beauty only came into my mind as I progressed in college. Clothing and Make-up is my only channel to divulge my artistic calling. My dream is to become a lawyer, and so I told myself, if after 4 years of studying you’ll be studying again, you have to do what you want in between, so you’d never get tired of life.

And so I pursued to be in the Fashion field for my summer on-the-job-Training.

I'm Intern no. 5, this is funny in my previous Internship I was Superintern5

And I never regretted it.

Fashion is a different world, A youngster like me would say she knows fashion, she knows how to dress and she claims her online profile of this knowledge. But the real world of fashion isn't my simple understanding of click and post. It is an art that moves people, it is the politics of the socialites and the foundation of all trends. Fashion is a mindset that naturally occurs. A true master of beauty and Fashion cannot simply take his mind of it. He does not follow he sets, and if he does he makes sure he comes first before his peers. Beauty and Fashion is a complex world, why would you spend so much on something that would go out of trend? That would soon be an empty bottle? Fashion and Beauty is the embodiment of the Marxist theory of the world of commodities. Fashion and Cosmetics gives us that special powers that enables us to feel and become what we want to be.

I believe I've learned a lot in my internship, from fashion, beauty and people relation. Does it really go like the Carrie Diaries? Is my boss really as strict as Meryl Streep in the devil wears Prada? Well no, but it may feel like that in the beginning. Anne Hathaway and I must really work on the “Know-Them-Names”, Understanding of fashion, its quirkiness and how in Fashion, one piece isn't really what it seems. Everything is a make-up, everything is styled, a drop of nail polish on the picture is well calculated, everything is adjusted to look good in photographs. Styling for everyday may seem a breeze, styling in photoshoots is a different thing.


With my co-intern Krizelle So.
We spent our first day reading previous issues of our section so we can be oriented to what Mega Beauty is all about since our Boss Ms. Kim Reyes-Palanca is in San Francisco. Doing a beauty ed isn't a hocus-focus thing, it deals with facts and science. Its a creative job as well but writing for the Beauty section is more technical than artistic. But it is true, in the beauty Ed it rains products and I mean this, it really does.  

Haggard-a smiles from your jolly interns

Posting more of our everyday adventures soon!

<3 MissCelineous

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