"That" Winning Moment


Account: Pure n' Fresh feminine Wash
When we first heard who are client was we all went. WTF. From last year's Sanuk to a gender sensitive product that only favors women. I was expecting little interest from the boys. Yet 3CA5 made a smashing team with everyone really helping to make everything possible.

And guess what? We bagged 6 out of 11 Awards!!!!

Our Big Idea?

Be That Girl!

(c) Madel Asuncion

(c) Madel Asuncion

(c) Celine Duran


(c) Jacob Camara. Original Lyrics by Sharie Nepomuceno

Our Full Advertising Campaign:

Our Winning Moment

(c) Ace Quebal. Yes We went all hysterical when we were called Agency of the Year

(c) Cesca Gomez

(c) Cesca Gomez. Abby Kalayag explaining phase 2 of the Advertising Plan
(c) Cesca Gomez. The Presenters(L-R): Reana Caballero, Abby Kalayag, Noel Murad, Celine Duran and Gerard Serador

(c) Cesca Gomez. Q&A Portion

(c) Cesca Gomez. The Big Idea
(c) Cesca Gomez. Claud Tejam
The whole thing would not have looked the way it is without our lovely model, Ms. Behavioral Science 2011-2012, Claud Tejam who stayed with us until 3am for our TVC and Photoshoot. Thank you so much much Claud!

(c) Cesca Gomez. Noel Murad explaining the Competitive Analysis of Pure n' Fresh
(c) Cesca Gomez. My winning moment. Best Female Presenter
(c) Cesca Gomez. Ms Creative Director with Mr. Account Manager, Mont Ranalan
(c) Cesca Gomez
It was the our first win as a class and as Mik said, 
"We made winning look sexy"

I never had the chance to thank all the people who made the entire concept possible. Thanks to Stephen Velez who told us to get drunk on brainstorming night to get our Advertising copy "That Girl". To Krizelle So who was there all-throughout this Adquest thing, for drinking with me that night and for bring out the idea of "That Girl". To Eloize Dayanghirang for letting us ruin her favorite Song to use as our jingle  To Sharie Nepomuceno for being an awesome head and a human industrial fan on the shoot. For my bestfriend Gerard Serador for bringing flowers we barely used (haha my fault) since we were using green screen on the shoot,
and to Chay Medalla for giving up the Bed for me, on sleepovers

Love you 3CA5!

And F*ck we're Awesome.



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