Make Up Head: Rent a musicale Adaptation

Mediartrix staged Rent last February 18-21 and guess what? I'm make-up head. Again!!!

(c) Aaron Protomartir. Celine Duran, make-up Head Rent

And so in tradition to my make up head stint I made some quirky post that would guide them in doing their makeup. Since my team only consist of me and my assistant Marj Calasin we really had to step up having to do make up for 16 casts and 11 chorus in just little time. So I made some make-up how-to's which I got from pinterest

(c) Celine Duran, photo from Pinterest
And since Rent is all about drugs, homosexuality and aids I made a "How to be Hiv Positive" Tutorial!

(c) Aaron Protomartir
So Lets gets started with the make-up? Whew!

Dunno who's head this is, haha

It was a struggle doing Angel's make-up. He had to look like a man on the first two scenes then Drag Make-up then simple then Man, then HIV Positive then dying. Talk about tensed the entire 2hours of the show! I really wanted to do the all heavy drag queen but it was quite impossible and impractical given the time and the fact it will be taken off within the show.

(c) Kim Wee-Ebol. Kaye Calleja as Maureen
April Hojilla as Mimi, Love her eyes <3 

Kenneth Tornea as Mark, Yes men wear heavy make-up o stage too!

Clint as Collins. Yes the fake beard haha.

Seasons of Love Prod number

Rent possible is the hardest make-up stints I've done, considering the number of people who had to have and not have or look dead on stage. But it was so fun! another learning experience for me. Thank you Mediartrix!

<3 MissCelineous

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