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Building your skincare routine is an ongoing life-long process, with a lot of misses than hits. As we age, our skin condition changes and the first bottle of Ponds you bought when you're 15 might not suffice what your skin needs now you're 25.

I promised myself that at the age of 25, I'll start taking care of my skin (not that I don't clean or moisturize it), probably throw in a Retinol product or an eye cream. The reason about this 25 mark is - well - Advertising. But thanks to my boyfriend who frequents reddit, I stumbled upon:


and other Beauty subreddits I frequently go to:


And I too, fell into the rabbit hole of information. 

As one said, "The skin you have in your 50s is the skin you inherit in your 30s" and I realized. Why wait till I turn 25 to take care of my skin? Why not now that I'm 22? So I did my extensive online research on reddit and celebrity bloggers on reddit like:

Fiddy of Fifty Shades of Snail

Image courtesy of https://fiftyshadesofsnail.com/why-asian-skin-care-works-and-how/my-routine/
She's into Asian Skin care, Asian brands, essence, serums, and gives her readers advice on multi-step skincare routines. Preferring multi-step routines than all-in-one products that don't really do much.

Michelle of Lab Muffin

Image Courtesy of http://www.labmuffin.com/2015/11/how-to-exfoliate-2-all-about-chemical-exfoliants/
Michelle has a PhD in chemistry. She has the most scientific approach on reviewing products, without overwhelming the reader with all the science-y information. She makes these cute illustrations that just helped me understand the chemistry behind products way better than two semesters of Chem!

Cat Cactus or the famed Snow White and the Asian Pear

image courtesy of http://www.snowwhiteandtheasianpear.com/p/spreadsheet.html
I love her spreadsheets! She will humor you and tell you she's been there and done that when it comes to skincare. I give her credit for the "Spreadsheet" approach on skincare, which makes trial and error of beauty products more efficient. She advocates Multi-Step Korean Skincare Routine, and with so many products in the market, knowing what particular product doesn't work for you can save you tons of bucks than throwing the entire 9-Step Skincare Routine you've built/bought.

I read a lot of beauty blogs, stumbling links and links on reddit posts. These are just some of the many bloggers who can help you on your opinions about products. There's an entire list of them here:


And every so often as you go deeper into the rabbit hole, you will pick up more bloggers. Feel free to comment their links and I'll check them!

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