Zodio Blogger Mixer at Toki-Q

And so my boss Mark invited me to Zodio's Blogger Mixer event.

(c) Kat Antonio

Last August 16, Thursday ZODIO [www.Zodio.com] had a Blogger Mixer at Toki-Q Wilson Greenhills branch. To those who haven't tried Toki-Q, its specialty is Japanese Yakitori Street Food. Here's the Menu!

So what's so unique with Toki-Q? Well's its awesome Rotating Grill!

Must Try's are their Grilled Toki-Q BBQ Corn, yummay!

Meals are affordable, yummy and really on the go. The ambiance of the place is really cozy and its just by the street so its a great to-go for the hip. 

Ms. Aileen, Me and Ms. Ann of Figaro (c)Kat Antonio
and the cute-adoodles Zodio press kit 

press kits in flash drives and a mini bottle of vodka and chocolate truffles sweet! Thanks Nina! 


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